Turn a Picture into a Puzzle: Three Great Ideas for Photos to Use

Turning a picture into a puzzle is easy. Choosing the photo that you want to use can be much harder! Whether you are selecting from among your personal photos or from many other images, you have numerous choices available. Think about whether you would like to display the photo after it is completed or if you plan on reassembling it again and again.

One of the best uses for photo puzzles is reliving and preserving your memories. What kind of photos you use to create your puzzle is your personal choice and you have many options, but three types are very common.

Turn a Picture into a Puzzle: What Kind of Photos?

Here are some ideas for photos that can be used to create great puzzles:

  1. Family members and pets

  2. Vacations and fun activities

  3. Home and garden

Family Members and Pets

Photos of family members and pets can be turned into puzzles that remind you of great times with your loved ones. When you complete the puzzle, you can choose to preserve it like a picture, or take it apart and save it to solve again in the future. Using current pictures of family, friends, and pets will simultaneously provide a fun activity and add visual interest to your home.

You could also use a photo puzzle made from a relative or friend’s portrait to surprise the person depicted on a special occasion like a wedding or graduation. Photo puzzles like these can make a great and unexpected gift.

Finally, photo puzzles can be a sort of memorial to deceased pets, especially for children.

  • Assemble photos with family and friends

  • Give a photo puzzle for a special occasion

  • Remember deceased pets

Vacation Photos and Fun Activities

Turning a picture into a puzzle means you can relive your memories as you put the puzzle together. Consider creating a photo puzzle that depicts a fun activity that you or a family member love, whether it is sports, crafting, dancing – anything! A photo from a vacation destination, whether it shows scenery, activities, or people, can be a great way to preserve your best memories.

A great feature of these types of photo puzzles is that you may have forgotten some of the details of your trip or a particular day’s pastime, so you can keep guessing and remembering as you put the pieces together. If your family members or friends have never seen the photo before, then putting it together will be even more fun.

  • Preserve fun memories

  • Show off your vacation photos

Home and Garden

Photos of your home or garden are another great option for photo puzzles. Pictures of an old home can bring back fond memories while keeping its features fresh in your mind. Similarly, pictures of your garden can remind you of summer beauty during long winters or make you recall a particularly successful year of planting.

Puzzles made from these types of photos are especially good because they serve as beautiful pictures once they are glued and framed. They can also make memorable gifts for someone who is fond of working on their home or in their garden. By giving them a photo puzzle of their accomplishment, you will show your admiration of their dedication and preserve some of their favorite memories.

  • Create beautiful, painting-like photo puzzles

  • Show your appreciation for hard work