Three Easy Ways to Have a Custom Puzzle Made

Many national retail stores as well as websites offer you the chance to have a custom puzzle made to order. They offer a variety of styles and types of puzzles, and can differ significantly in their prices and materials used. Be sure to investigate what stores and sites have the ideal styles and price ranges for you.

Portrait Puzzles has an extremely simple upload process that is hard to beat. Simply upload your photo, choose what type of custom puzzle you would like, and check out your order.

Portrait Puzzles accepts all kinds of photos, not just portraits. You can choose from a variety of dimensions and sizes – even up to 26 by 40 inches and 2,000 pieces!

Turnaround time is very rapid. If you complete your order by noon, it will be shipped out the next business day. This site also offers flat rate shipping for $5.00 to any location within the United States.

Prices for a puzzle range from the mid-$20 range up to $129.99 for the largest puzzle.

  • Many sizes available

  • Rapid turnaround

  • $24.99-$129.99

Shutterfly is one of the best-known photo sites on the web, and its services extend to creating custom puzzles. For $24.99, you can choose 60 or 252-piece photo puzzle. Upload your photo online as you check out your order.

Shutterfly has a wide variety of styles available. You can order a traditional photo puzzle with a single photo making up the whole puzzle, or choose from other designs. Some are designed to place your photos on a backdrop resembling a frame or scrapbook page. You can also have multiple photos in one puzzle, enabling you to share even more pictures as puzzles for the price of one. There are plenty of options to choose from!

Shutterfly offers economy, standard, and expedited shipping to the United States and internationally. Economy shipping turnaround time is roughly 6 to 10 business days, while a rush order should arrive in 3 to 4 business days.

  • Huge variety of styles

  • Strong reputation for service

  • Fastest processing time is 3 to 4 days


Walmart also offers photo puzzles, although in limited dimensions. These include 8×10, 10×14, and 11×14. Photo puzzles can be conveniently shipped to your home or to your local store, and each size comes with a gift box that depicts the photo on the outside, just like a puzzle you would buy in-store! The largest size comes with a gift tin, making it the most ideal for giving a wedding or graduation gift.

Walmart’s prices range from $12.96 to $19.96 for these puzzle sizes.

Walmart is a brand familiar to many people, making it a comfortable and convenient choice for many customers. However, the paper used for these puzzles is not as high-quality as the kind used by photo-specific retailers.

Turnaround time at Walmart is a little less than one-week for standard shipping methods, but all orders can be expedited to arrive more quickly.

  • In-store pick-up available

  • Low prices

  • Gift boxes for every puzzle

Consider the occasion for your photo puzzle and choose the best retailer for your needs!

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