Three Easy Ways to Have a Custom Puzzle Made

Many national retail stores as well as websites offer you the chance to have a custom puzzle made to order. They offer a variety of styles and types of puzzles, and can differ significantly in their prices and materials used. Be sure to investigate what stores and sites have the ideal styles and price ranges for you.

Portrait Puzzles

Portraitpuzzles.com has an extremely simple upload process that is hard to beat. Simply upload your photo, choose what type of custom puzzle you would like, and check out your order.

Portrait Puzzles accepts all kinds of photos, not just portraits. You can choose from a variety of dimensions and sizes – even up to 26 by 40 inches and 2,000 pieces!

Turnaround time is very rapid. If you complete your order by noon, it will be shipped out the next business day. This site also offers flat rate shipping for $5.00 to any location within the United States.

Prices for a puzzle range from the mid-$20 range up to $129.99 for the largest puzzle.

  • Many sizes available

  • Rapid turnaround

  • $24.99-$129.99


Shutterfly.com is one of the best-known photo sites on the web, and its services extend to creating custom puzzles. For $24.99, you can choose 60 or 252-piece photo puzzle. Upload your photo online as you check out your order.

Shutterfly has a wide variety of styles available. You can order a traditional photo puzzle with a single photo making up the whole puzzle, or choose from other designs. Some are designed to place your photos on a backdrop resembling a frame or scrapbook page. You can also have multiple photos in one puzzle, enabling you to share even more pictures as puzzles for the price of one. There are plenty of options to choose from!

Shutterfly offers economy, standard, and expedited shipping to the United States and internationally. Economy shipping turnaround time is roughly 6 to 10 business days, while a rush order should arrive in 3 to 4 business days.

  • Huge variety of styles

  • Strong reputation for service

  • Fastest processing time is 3 to 4 days


Walmart also offers photo puzzles, although in limited dimensions. These include 8×10, 10×14, and 11×14. Photo puzzles can be conveniently shipped to your home or to your local store, and each size comes with a gift box that depicts the photo on the outside, just like a puzzle you would buy in-store! The largest size comes with a gift tin, making it the most ideal for giving a wedding or graduation gift.

Walmart’s prices range from $12.96 to $19.96 for these puzzle sizes.

Walmart is a brand familiar to many people, making it a comfortable and convenient choice for many customers. However, the paper used for these puzzles is not as high-quality as the kind used by photo-specific retailers.

Turnaround time at Walmart is a little less than one-week for standard shipping methods, but all orders can be expedited to arrive more quickly.

  • In-store pick-up available

  • Low prices

  • Gift boxes for every puzzle

Consider the occasion for your photo puzzle and choose the best retailer for your needs!


Turn a Picture into a Puzzle: Three Great Ideas for Photos to Use

Turning a picture into a puzzle is easy. Choosing the photo that you want to use can be much harder! Whether you are selecting from among your personal photos or from many other images, you have numerous choices available. Think about whether you would like to display the photo after it is completed or if you plan on reassembling it again and again.

One of the best uses for photo puzzles is reliving and preserving your memories. What kind of photos you use to create your puzzle is your personal choice and you have many options, but three types are very common.

Turn a Picture into a Puzzle: What Kind of Photos?

Here are some ideas for photos that can be used to create great puzzles:

  1. Family members and pets

  2. Vacations and fun activities

  3. Home and garden

Family Members and Pets

Photos of family members and pets can be turned into puzzles that remind you of great times with your loved ones. When you complete the puzzle, you can choose to preserve it like a picture, or take it apart and save it to solve again in the future. Using current pictures of family, friends, and pets will simultaneously provide a fun activity and add visual interest to your home.

You could also use a photo puzzle made from a relative or friend’s portrait to surprise the person depicted on a special occasion like a wedding or graduation. Photo puzzles like these can make a great and unexpected gift.

Finally, photo puzzles can be a sort of memorial to deceased pets, especially for children.

  • Assemble photos with family and friends

  • Give a photo puzzle for a special occasion

  • Remember deceased pets

Vacation Photos and Fun Activities

Turning a picture into a puzzle means you can relive your memories as you put the puzzle together. Consider creating a photo puzzle that depicts a fun activity that you or a family member love, whether it is sports, crafting, dancing – anything! A photo from a vacation destination, whether it shows scenery, activities, or people, can be a great way to preserve your best memories.

A great feature of these types of photo puzzles is that you may have forgotten some of the details of your trip or a particular day’s pastime, so you can keep guessing and remembering as you put the pieces together. If your family members or friends have never seen the photo before, then putting it together will be even more fun.

  • Preserve fun memories

  • Show off your vacation photos

Home and Garden

Photos of your home or garden are another great option for photo puzzles. Pictures of an old home can bring back fond memories while keeping its features fresh in your mind. Similarly, pictures of your garden can remind you of summer beauty during long winters or make you recall a particularly successful year of planting.

Puzzles made from these types of photos are especially good because they serve as beautiful pictures once they are glued and framed. They can also make memorable gifts for someone who is fond of working on their home or in their garden. By giving them a photo puzzle of their accomplishment, you will show your admiration of their dedication and preserve some of their favorite memories.

  • Create beautiful, painting-like photo puzzles

  • Show your appreciation for hard work


Custom Jigsaw Puzzles: What Sizes are Available?


After you have decided to order a custom puzzle, you have a number of decisions to make depending on where you have chosen to purchase it. Different chains offer different styles and size options. The size of your custom jigsaw puzzles will definitely affect their use and the designs you will choose, so consider your options carefully. You will be sure to enjoy your new puzzles, customized just for you.

Three photo services that offer a variety of sizes are:

Printer’s Studio

Printer’s Studio offers traditional custom puzzles as well as magnet puzzles and tray puzzles. You can also order puzzles that are double-sided, heart-shaped and framed, or designed especially for kids. You can even add a special message to be printed on your puzzle.

Size options at Printer’s Studio include:

  • 12 x 16.5 inches

  • 18 x 24 inches

  • 20 x 28 inches

Printer’s Studio also offers unique 5 x 7 inch photo puzzles, which match the standard size for graduation and wedding invitations. With a range of prices and sizes, Printer’s Studio is a professional puzzle and printing company that may be the best choice for your needs.


Shutterfly offers several designs to choose from. You can browse puzzle styles by color or by the number of photos you want to include. Puzzle designs are available that feature one photo, three, or even more, arranged to look like a photo collage or scrapbook page.

Puzzle sizes at Shutterfly include:

  • 10 x 14 inches

  • 60 pieces

  • 252 pieces

Shutterfly is a very well-regarded photo service site and has a great deal of experience, so it may be the right choice for your first experience with photo puzzles.


Piczzle specializes in creating photo puzzles, so they are experts in the business. They offer strong customer service, a variety of choices and styles, and quality craftsmanship.

Piczzle offers puzzles in a number of sizes, including:

  • 9.8 x 14.2 inches

  • 20.1 x 28.7 inches

  • 22.5 x 32 inches

You can select either traditional puzzle material or order a wooden custom puzzle. When considering your puzzle’s size, note that you can order it as a rectangle, a heart, or a circle. Finally, you can choose the number of pieces for any of these sizes, from 6 pieces to 250!

Selecting the Size of Your Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Selecting the right size for your puzzle is important and a number of different factors should go into your decision.

Children may find large puzzles too tedious while their parents may not have enough room for one. On the other hand, older puzzle enthusiasts may love larger custom jigsaw puzzles.

Other factors include the subject of the photo or photos. Some images may be hard to make out if spread over too large an area, while others might have colors or patterns that will show up great across a large area.

Finally, your price range may be the most important factor. Reviewing different chains and stores for prices and sizes is an important step in getting your custom puzzle ordered.


Photo Puzzles for Kids: Ideas for Keeping Kids’ Minds Busy

Kids_. A20140531_17-12-58_Puzzles DSC_7286

Photo puzzles can be a great way to stimulate, educate, and entertain kids during summer break. With so much time off from school, it can be hard to find new activities that will help children learn as well as keep them engaged and busy. Finding photo puzzles for kids and brain puzzles for kids is easy and offers a fun alternative to other games.

Why Photo Puzzles?

Photo puzzles are a good choice for summer fun and learning because they are widely available in stores at inexpensive prices, but they can also be customized to suit your needs. In addition, puzzles are often conveniently rated by difficulty and age level.

These puzzles allow kids to learn new information and practice their problem-solving skills in a relaxed environment. Some children might do best when competing with others, while some may be better off completing the puzzle on their own. In this way, puzzles are ideal for both quiet and more socially engaged children.

The subject matter of the puzzles may be the main learning tool, or simply the challenge of fitting all the pieces together may be the most educational part of the activity.

Finally, the beauty or colors of the puzzle may be attractive to kids, especially at younger ages.

In summary, here are five reasons why photo puzzles for kids a good choice for summer:

  1. Widely available and customizable

  2. Rated by age and difficulty

  3. Learn problem-solving skills as well as facts

  4. Good options for both active and quiet kids

  5. Visually engaging

Three Types of Photos for Making Great Photo Puzzles for Kids

There is a wide variety of photo puzzles available for children. Your choice will depend on kids’ interests, learning goals, age, and the puzzle’s difficulty level.

You may want to save more complex photographs, such as a very detailed landscape, for older kids, while younger ones might enjoy a photo of a simple painting or portrait of an animal. Remember that some photo puzzles may seem simple, such as a close-up of a single flower, but in reality these can be the hardest to put together because there are so many similar pieces.

Here are three types of photos that make great puzzles:

  • Animals and plants

  • Buildings and landscapes

  • Objects and shapes

Photos of animals and plants will capture kids’ interest and are a great opportunity to teach children about nature. Small children can be encouraged to identify the facial features of an animal or the type of plant depicted.

Buildings and landscapes are a great way to incorporate questions about people, places, and shapes into the activity. You can find photo puzzles of famous landmarks and use them to help kids learn about geography or history.

Photos of everyday objects are excellent for teaching younger children new vocabulary, colors, and shapes. See if they can guess what the object will be as you are putting the puzzle together. This activity can be connected to other learning opportunities as you go about your day.

Photo puzzles are a great game and learning activity for summer, and when you are finished, children may want to frame the puzzle to display in their room!


Three People in Your Life Who Would Love a Personalized Puzzle

Personalized puzzles can make an awesome gift, and there may be particular people in your life who you know would love to own one. A puzzle lover is a great choice, of course, but who else? Photo puzzles’ are a fun and unusual way to preserve and relive memories. This use makes them a good present for many people, especially those who have a special occasion to remember.

Some of the best people to give a special puzzle to are:

  • Parents and grandparents

  • Couples

  • Children

For Parents and Grandparents

Parents and grandparents will appreciate a photo puzzle that reminds them of milestones in their children or grandchildren’s lives. Instead of just a photograph, grandparents can enjoy putting together a puzzle with their grandkids and then have a finished portrait or snapshot. This means that in addition to the puzzle you are giving the gift of special time together, creating a new memory.

Puzzles can be saved and displayed just like photos or taken apart and used again and again.

Great choices for photos to use when giving a customized puzzle to parents or grandparents include:

  • School portraits and formal pictures

  • Photos of kids and their family members together

  • Candid snapshots that capture personalities or special memories

For Couples and Newlyweds

Giving newlyweds or other couples a photo puzzle may not be your first idea, but it can be an unusual and appreciated gift for anyone celebrating a wedding or anniversary. For newlyweds in particular, a picture puzzle of their engagement or another occasion together can be a welcome addition to their collection of personal memorabilia, games, or home décor.

Personalized puzzles for couples can be made from photos of special occasions or everyday snapshots. Formal photographs from a date, a wedding, or anniversary party can be made more fun and interesting by turning them into one of these custom puzzles, while a long-forgotten or unfamiliar casual photo of the couple can be entertaining for them to put together while recalling their memories of the day.

  • Celebrate and remember weddings and anniversaries

  • Preserve memories of dates and special days

  • Use as a portrait or a puzzle game

For Children

I can do it by myself!

Children will be delighted with a custom puzzle, especially since they may not know that these puzzles are even possible!

Kids will have a good time putting photo puzzles together and guessing what the image will be. You may choose a photo of the child or children who are receiving the gift, a picture of their pet, or anything else that they may enjoy. If you do not know the child well, ask their parent about their interests so that you can create a custom puzzle they will love.

Children will probably want to assemble their puzzle more than once, so you will be providing them with a fun activity that will also help them develop problem-solving skills – like this Wordles puzzle. Younger children can always have a parent or other family member assist them if they have any difficulties. Remember that very young children should not have puzzles with tiny pieces due to choking hazards.

Personalized Puzzles for Everyone

Because puzzles can be customized with any picture quickly and easily, it is not difficult to create one for almost any recipient. After you order your first puzzle, you will have a better understanding of the range of options available to you for future gifts – or for yourself.